[tiImage width=”340″ height=”450″ url=”” credit=”Michael Simon/” align=”right” border=”1″ alt=”Khloe Kardashian Hair”]

Sexy waves have become the trademark style of the Kardashian sisters, and it’s the ultimate go-to for Khloe. Why? “I think I feel sexiest when my hair is down,”  the star told at the U by Kotex Generation Know campaign launch, which works to empower women by debunking health myths. “It’s like my security blanket, I don’t know why! I rarely wear my hair up. I have this nervous habit where I touch my hair without realizing it—my mom will call me after I do a talk show and will be like ‘Stop playing with your hair!‘” And although her hairstylist Jenn Atkin is the mastermind behind those bouncy curls, Khloe loves DIY-ing a sleek blowout. “I’m really good at doing my own makeup, but when it comes to doing my own hair, I…

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